What is the Role of Food Packaging in Business Competition

2021-02-25 09:23Qingdao Haihong Packing

In a competitive environment like the food industry, proper packaging is very important. This is not just for practical purposes, but also to maintain a competitive edge in the crowded supermarket shelves.Here, Qingdao Haihong Packing tells you what type of packaging to look for, what type of packaging to avoid, and how to make your goods more competitive on the shelf.


Whether it's chocolate, nuts or snacks, the first thing that appeals to you is the packaging. Food packaging not only makes products stand out on the shelf, it also protects them from chemical, physical and environmental factors. Therefore, knowing the correct type of packaging and following the latest packaging trends is an important way to keep a product competitive.


Why is food packaging so important?

An eye-catching package can not only maintain the quality of the food, but also attract customers.   Most customers may judge the quality of food from the packaging.Although the main role of food packaging is to package food, but his role is definitely not only so, the following Xiaobian list of more role of food packaging:

Protection: We customize unique packaging in packaging to protect products from chemical reactions, light and dust.Improper food packaging can affect the quality and taste of the product.

Food-grade packaging itself does not contaminate the food, and they extend the shelf life of the food.

Easy to transport: We are surrounded by all kinds of food packaging, from cans, bags, boxes and bottles.Pack food in these containers to keep it safe during transportation.

There are hundreds of products on supermarket shelves, so it's important that your product stands out from the crowd.

Influencing consumers' purchasing habits: The color and style of food packaging plays a crucial role in influencing consumers' purchasing decisions. After all, the brain reacts differently to color, so choose your packaging color wisely. For example, white packaging conveys simplicity and purity, making it ideal for dairy products. The orange packaging represents energy and fun, making them ideal for sports drinks and summer drinks.Also, match colors and flavors, like bananas are yellow and apples are red.Fonts also play an important role, and the right font makes it easier for your customers to read and recognize.


Make your brand stand out: There are hundreds of products on supermarket shelves, so your product has to be packaged to grab customers' attention.Packaging is crucial because it helps consumers distinguish your product from similar products on the shelf.

Product packaging is also a great marketing tool. From the label and logo to the shape of the food package, you can help customers remember your brand the next time they visit the store.In this way, the packaging establishes brand awareness.

As a smart business, you want your food packaging to conform to environmental and waste management practices, but the truth is that packaging materials don't meet all of these requirements at the same time, and you have to weigh the pros and cons among the dizzying array of food packaging.They differ due to certain characteristics, which are determined by the following factors:

Materials, design, type of packaged food, shelf life, environmental conditions, ease of use, manufacturing processes and costs associated with production and distribution.


In other words, each kind of food packaging material has its own characteristics.Certain foods may interact with certain types of packaging.In the future, Qingdao Haihong Packing will continue to share the characteristics of food packaging with different materials.