How to Choose the Right Packaging for Tea?



The traditional packaging material includes:

1) PE bag (Polyethylene bag)

Polyethylene bag (PE bag) is currently used quite widely packaging material.

PE bag has the advantages of economy, cheap, moisture resistance, its disadvantages are poor light transmission, air
resistance, can not be used in individual packaging to packing tea. It is best to use polyethylene bag packaging and add
a layer of light resistance and low permeability outside the packaging, such as synthetic paper cans, cans, etc. But
the PE bag permeability is larger, it is difficult to solve the problem of oxygen in the bag so that it is not the ideal
packaging material.

2) Metal Cans

The advantages of metal can are extrusion resistance and good texture. In the early stage, it is mainly used for the
outer packaging of tea with the inner PE bags. However, due to its high price and easy corrosion, it has been gradually
phased out. In addition, the smell of paint inside the metal can and the tightness of the lid are not enough to be used

3) Paper Cans

Composite paper cans are the most widely used packaging style for tea at present. They have the advantages of economy,
lightness and beauty, but they are not very airtight and light-resistant, nor should they be used alone.

4) Glass pot, magnetic pot, wooden boxes, paper boxes

Although the glass pot has excellent air resistance and moisture resistance, it is transparent, fragile, heavy and

Magnetic pot or clay pot can avoid light, but similar to glass pot is fragile and heavy. These packaging materials are
not ideal options for tea.

5) Aluminum Foil Laminated Bag

Aluminum foil laminated stand up pouch looks like a good option, it is goog at light resistance, moisture resistance, oxygen
resistance, but its price is more expensive than PE bag, and it is easy to be squeezed out of shape when used alone.

So what‘s the ideal option to pack tea? Aluminum foil laminated bag can be vacuum-filled or deoxidizer treatment, with
paper box or composite paper cans. It not only ensures the beauty of appearance but also ensures the storage process to
avoid light and seal.