Classify printing methods according to the purpose of printed matter

2019-07-17 18:17

Classified according to the purpose of printed matter, such as book printing, newspaper printing, advertisement printing, banknote printing, map printing, stationery printing, packaging printing, special printing, etc.

(1) Books and magazines printing, using letterpress printing in the past. Gradually switch to lithography.

(2) News printing, in the past, used letterpress wheel to transfer printing, because of its speed and large print volume. Recently, in order to meet the needs of color, lithography or gravure rotary printing was used.

(3) Advertising printing, including color pictures, pictorial posters, etc., mostly uses lithography, and sometimes also uses letterpress, gravure or stencil printing.

(4) The printing of banknotes and other securities is mainly gravure printing, and it must be supplemented by letterpress and lithography.

(5) Photographic lithography is suitable for map printing. Because of its large size, high precision, many overprinting, less printing, and the original manuscript is mostly monochrome.

(6) Stationery printing, such as envelopes, stationery, invitations, business cards, account books, exercise books, etc., must be printed at low cost and in large quantities, so the quality is inferior, so letterpress printing is given priority.

(7) Packaging and printing, as small as all kinds of alkaline sweet vegetables and foods, candies, biscuits and candied fruit, as large as corrugated boxes for various types of packaging and wallpapers for room decoration, etc., are mostly printed in gravure.

(8) Special printing, such as bottles and cans, bronzing, embossing, hoses, electronics, circuits, labels, tickets and foils. Special process or special material.