How important is the easy-tear of packaging bag ?

2021-10-20 13:07 HAIHONG Packaging


The application of plastic bags in food packaging has been very popular, it is not only light, waterproof and moistureproof, and the price is also reasonable, especially the laminated plastic flexible packaging process production is environmentally friendly, so the plastic bag is one of the most commonly used packaging materials.

But in daily life, when we buy plastic packaging products, there will still be some problems in use, one of the more common problems is that the easy tear of the plastic packaging bag is not suitable. So, how important is the packaging bag easy-tear?

About the packaging bag easy tear   problem, the most common are the following situations:

1) The absence of easy-tear. sometimes we got a bag, it was hard to open the bag without tools when there was no easy-tear, which greatly affected the customer experience.

This problem is usually caused by lack of experience in packaging design. Surely, if the designer didn't indicate the easy tear position on plastic bags, the packaging manufacturer may also overlook the easy tear.   Bring trouble to consumer's use.

2)   the position of the easy tear is unreasonable. Sometimes we will find that some easy tear of the plastic bags is in the middle of the bag, when we open the bag through easy-tear, the content in the packaging will all fall out.

Or, the easy tear is set in a very sideline place of the bag, the user rips open the tear and found that the bag had not been opened. And some ignoring problem is that if the position of the easy tear is not reasonable, for example, some products' easy tear is set in the QR code area, products, such as bar code area, these areas are very important and should normally remain intact.

There are two reasons for the unreasonable tearing position o

f the packaging bag. One is that The equipment was not adjusted accurately enough when making the easy tear.

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