CCTV once again focused on paper prices, which soared by 70% a year

2019-07-17 18:17

Since the fourth quarter of last year, the paper price has risen more and more frequently, even twice in a week. The phenomenon of "Luoyang paper is expensive" has been staged many times. I believe that many friends in the same industry have been swiped by price increase letters one after another. The paper price increase has attracted great attention from the whole society, and CCTV Economic Channel has reported it many times!

No, the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday has just ended, and CCTV Economic Channel has set its sights on the paper packaging industry for the eighth time. Because of the rise in paper prices, the soaring carton prices have directly raised the operating costs of e-commerce. Many netizens have spit out: "This year's double eleven not only has to grab goods, but also may have to grab express cartons."

70% of e-commerce companies have experienced a "carton crisis" in one year

One day after the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the carton wholesaler Ma bought two cars early in the morning. Because the price of cartons is near One price one day, he is worried that the demand will be large after the holiday and the price may continue to rise, so he increased the purchase volume: "Because of the rising raw materials, we have to prepare some goods every day, which has risen several times this year."

Ma said that compared with the same period of last year, the prices of cartons of various specifications have increased by at least 70%, and since the beginning of the year, the supply of goods has been tight, and carton factories often delay delivery. Ma also said: "It used to take two days to place an order, but now it sometimes takes four or five days to arrive. "

Reporter: Is the supply a little tight now?

Ma: Hmm.

Reporter: What kind of cartons will be tense?

Ma: All kinds of cartons are the same.

Carton prices are rising wildly, and e-commerce companies engaged in online transactions are the first to be affected. Tan Dongming, who is doing hardware trade in Jingxi Street, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, revealed that an ordinary express carton has increased the cost by at least 1 to 2 yuan: "Sometimes 200 to 300 pieces are shipped a day, even if the price increases by 2 cents each time, one day. Lose dozens of pieces."

The increase in carton prices not only increases the operating costs of e-commerce, but also has a great impact on manufacturers engaged in manufacturing. Take the color box as an example. Last year, the price was one in 7 yuan, and now the price is close to one in 12 yuan. Li Wenxiao, the person in charge of the electric control door manufacturer, said: "If you send something out, you must use a carton. If you don't use it, many products will be damaged during transportation."

Reporter: Is there any alternative?

Li Wenxiao: No, I can't help it. I can't help it. Cartons are definitely necessary.

Is it feasible to recycle "one box is hard to find"?

With the continuous increase of carton prices, the utilization of waste cartons has once again aroused social concern. Earlier, many express delivery enterprises in Guangdong Province announced that they would introduce green packaging materials. So, what is the implementation situation? Mr. Guo, who likes online shopping, swept a lot of goods during the National Day holiday. After unpacking, he "threw it away directly."

Reporter: Won't it be used for selling money or something?

Mr Guo: No, how much can a small one sell?

Reporter: If it is a big one, will it stay and sell?

Mr Guo: No, it takes up a lot of space.

Don't think that waste cartons are worthless. In fact, their price has risen from 3 cents a catty to 8 to 9 cents a catty. A citizen of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, said: "Many people will check if they didn't pick up, and they will pick up when they walk, people who pass by, and old people who pick up garbage."

At present, waste cartons are recycled in a single way, which is generally recycled by waste recycling stations and then sent to carton manufacturers, where they are pulped to produce new cartons and then returned to the market. In order to save resources, well-known express delivery companies such as Shunfeng and Sitong Yida advocated the use of green packaging materials in Guangdong Province this year. However, when reporters visited several express delivery online stores, they found that couriers were ignorant of green packaging materials.

Courier: I don't know. I haven't seen it.

Reporter: Haven't you seen it?

Courier: Yes, I don't know which one you said.

A person in charge of the express delivery company said: "E-commerce and product manufacturers play a decisive role in the use of cartons. I believe that cartons with crazy price increases will increase the cost of many manufacturers, thereby reducing over-packaged goods and promoting the recycling of cartons."

Every year, there are about 1 billion express cartons produced in a single day. In 2017, the amount of express garbage in China will reach 40 billion pieces, but the recovery rate of traditional cartons in China is less than 20%. Prior to this, many logistics enterprises have tried water recycling or secondary packaging in many places, but after all, there was a lot of thunder and little rain.

In the final analysis, the legislation and standards of express recycling industry have not appeared for a long time. In fact, express packaging recycling has regulations in many countries. For example, the United States has made a certain amount of tax reduction for enterprises that recycle packaging, while France has transferred the main responsibility to consumers, hoping that this carton crisis will become an environmental protection opportunity.

Nowadays, our printing and packaging enterprises are facing many difficulties, such as paper price, but this is only the current dilemma. As enterprises, we should see a longer-term perspective. Then, for enterprises, there is another problem that is urgent, that is, transformation and upgrading.