The Ultimate In Spouted Pouch Design Flexiblity

Issuing time:2022-10-20 12:56Author:HAIHONG PACK


Spouted Pouches feature an inverted design for product dispensing and offer multiple benefits for brand owners, retailers, and consumers. These innovative, lightweight, and sustainable spouted pouches deliver a significantly better user experience across a variety of markets in the food, cosmetic, automotive, and household cleanser product industries.

Spouted Pouches offers portability and convenience. The controlled-product dispensing and almost 100% product evacuation minimizes waste. With a reduced packaging weight that is not susceptible to damage, they are ideal for e-commerce, and, with customized-shape and design options, including a clear pouch alternative to view the product, can align with branding strategies and be retail-ready. Plus, the reduced packaging weight delivers a significantly improved sustainability benefit versus glass or rigid plastic by eliminating up to 1.63 tons of material per 100,000 units!

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