Reflected light "palette" is expected to bring ink-free printing

2019-07-17 18:20

The research team of Kyoto University in Japan has developed a new material, which can form fibrils by adjusting the cracks of OM(Organized Microfibrillation), and can reflect light of specific colors. By adjusting the period of fibril layer, all visible light from blue to red was successfully produced. The birth of this "palette" of reflected light makes it possible to print without ink in the future.

Using OM technology, large-scale ink-free color printing with an image resolution of 14000dpi (pixels per inch) can be realized on many flexible transparent materials. This technology has a wide range of applications, such as banknote anti-counterfeiting. This technology can also print on breathable and wearable porous materials. For example, in medical and health care fields, OM technology can be used in flexible artificial circuit chips or contact lenses worn on skin, and the collected biological information can be sent to medical experts directly or through cloud hosting.